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Exterior Paints 

Dulux Exterior Paints offer unbeatable protection for exterior surfaces against the worst that the weather can throw at it.

Dulux Weatherguard

Dulux Weatherguard is a premium quality 100% acrylic latex exterior paint, designed for use on most exterior surfaces.

Dulux Weatherguard is specially formulated to provide excellent weather resistance, easy application and a quick curing time, resulting in a long lasting, uniform finish. Dulux Weatherguard forms a breathable film that allows moisture vapour to pass through, while preventing the penetration of liquid water, giving it a high resistance to blistering & peeling.

Dulux Diamond Exterior

Dulux Diamond Exterior utilizes Ceramic Microspheres to provide the ultimate in stain resistance, durability and performance, creating a hard, smooth surface that is extremely dirt resistant.

Dulux Diamond Exterior uses advanced acrylics that are much finer than regular acrylics allowing better adherance to the substrate, and better resistance to blistering.

Dulux Diamond Exterior contains Semi-Elastomeric acrylic resin which provides a flexible finish that minimizes cracking or peeling.

Dulux Weatherguard Decraflex

Dulux Weatherguard Decra-Flex is a premium quality, 100% acrylic high build elastomeric coating that provides long lasting protection against the elements.

Dulux Weatherguard Decra-Flex’s waterproof finish resists water intrusion against wind-driven rain, yet breathes to allow entrapped moisture vapor to escape, to avoid blistering.

The high build properties of this elastomeric coating will help fill and seal surfaces as well as bridge hairline cracks. Its superb elongation properties allow the film to expand and contract over existing hairline cracks without recurrence of cracking through the film.

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