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Interior Paints

Our outstanding range of interior paints will keep your walls, windows, doors and trim looking beautiful.

Glidden Ultra

Glidden Ultra Interior Latex offers a full range of finishes, designed to consistently provide great results with its easy application. Featuring excellent hide and outstanding touch up properties Glidden Ultra delivers a long lasting finish.

The eggshell, pearl and semi-gloss finishes were formulated to provide stain & burnish resistance, as well as scrubbability.

Dulux Diamond

Dulux Diamond Interior Acrylic is a revolutionary paint. Unique ceramic microspheres and advanced stain resistant technologies have created a formula that surpasses the performance of traditional interior acrylic paints.

Our unique blend of rheology modifiers improve the flow and leveling of Dulux Diamond giving it superlative application properties.

With its outstanding hide, increased durability, stain resistance and quick drying characteristics, Dulux Diamond is setting new standards in the paint industry.

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Dulux Lifemaster

Lifemaster was launched in 1992 as Canada’s first VOC-free paint. Now, more than 18 years after its introduction, Dulux Lifemaster is our leading product series where “green” building standards are sought. All Dulux Lifemaster products are LEED compliant.

The premium quality, 100% acrylic formula with EZ Clean surface protector provides excellent hide and touch up and dries to a uniform, abrasion resistant finish that will withstand frequent washing. It is easily applied by brush, roller or spray.

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Dulux Kitchen & Bath

Dulux Kitchen & Bath utilizes 100% acrylic polymers combined with EZ Clean technology to create a tough, stain resistant, durable coating.

The mildew resistant finish protects surfaces that are subjected to high humidity, condensation and frequent wiping.

This excellent hiding product contains no VOC’s creating a virtually odourless formula and maintains air quality allowing you to paint and occupy the room in the same day.

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