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Our primers are designed to adhere to surfaces and to form a binding layer that is better prepared to receive the paint.

Glidden Ultra Latex Primer​

Glidden Ultra Latex Primer is a high hiding, fast drying latex primer/sealer, designed for use where additional sealing/filling properties are required. The features of this product are easy sanding, excellent hide, good holdout, low odour and easy application.

Glidden Ultra Acrylic Super Undercoat is a top quality 100% acrylic primer/sealer formulated for priming over an alkyd finish to enable a top coating with a latex. Fast dry undercoat with exceptional adhesion properties, excellent sealting properties, fast dry and is easy to apply.

Dulux X-pert Waterborne Alkyd Primer

Dulux X-pert Waterborne Alkyd Primer Sealer 23010 is formulated with alkyd emulsion based technology offering the performance of an alkyd in a waterborne formula that cleans up with soap and water.

Dulux Lifemaster Primer


Dulux Lifemaster Primer is a premium quality, 100% acrylic primer/sealer formulated to provide excellent adhesion, high hiding power and good sealing properties.
The virtually odour free formula makes it ideal for priming in occupied areas. Meets even the most stringent environmental standards.

Dulux Weatherguard Acrylic Primer

Dulux Weatherguard Acrylic Primer features good hiding power, easy application,exceptional adhesion and resistance to cedar & redwood staining.

Dulux X-pert Gripper

Dulux X-pert Gripper is a fast drying acrylic bonding primer that is a primer-sealer and stain killer suitable for interior or exterior use. This product features excellent adhesion to a variety of surfaces, good sealing properties, resists nail head and tannin staining.

Dulux X-pert Stopper

Dulux X-pert Stopper is a fast drying primer for interior and limited exterior use. Formulated with alcohol-based synthetic resins, it is ideally suited for sealing in persistent bleeding stains such as asphalt, crayon, creosote, grease, ink, lipstick, marker, sap, smoke and water stains. This product dries very fast and can be topcoated with alkyd or latex finish coats.

Dulux X-pert Jammer

Dulux Jammer is a fast drying alkyd primer for interior and limited exterior use. Can be topcoated with alkyd or latex products and is an excellent sealer for water stains, fire damage, smoke and pet odours

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